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Backyard Bliss Australia Pty.Ltd  

Backyard Bliss Australia Pty.Ltd

What's New




So, whats the latest that Backyard Bliss are up to?

At Backyard Bliss we love thinking up new ideas and are constantly undertaking new projects.

So read on and find out more about our latest ideas and projects.






New Products

Backyard Bliss are now proud to be affilliated with the following companies to help you complete your "home outdoor experience"


                                 Outdoor Blinds




Concept Sketches

Having trouble visualising how your outdoor project will look?  Maybe you have a couple of different ideas and wonder which would provide you with the best option.  

Backyard Bliss can now help you visualise your imagination with the aid of 3D Concept Sketches to help you make an informed decision before you build.

Concept Sketch

Click here to find out more.




Your Photos

Have we built a project for you in the past?  If you are a previous Backyard Bliss customer we would love you to send us photos of your verandah, deck or carport to show on our  website.  

We are constanly increasing our photo galleries but quite often after construction, customers have other "bits and pieces" to finish like, garden beds, lights, settings etc and we would love to display the "final product".

If you would like to showcase your outdoor area, please email us a couple of digital photos taken from different angles in a JPEG format (.jpg) and we guarantee that they will appear on the website within a day or two. 

Please send an email to, attach your photos and we'll do the rest and please don't hesitate to call us if you have any problems.

(Note: Backyard Bliss reserves the right to select photos for the site). 





Have You Got Something To Offer?

Have you got something that you can help us out with?  Perhaps a trade, a service or just a good idea!

We are often looking for staff, contractors and businesses who offer associated services.

Alternatively, if you have an idea of a service that you would like us to provide, talk to us about it.

Contact us now.












SolarSpan is the product that you should be using for your new Patio or roofing project.

The product combines Colourbond skins both above and below a fully insulated interior to provide a clean, flat ceiling or wall finish.

Backyard Bliss can now provide SolarSpan as the roofing alternative to your exisiting or new verandah.

Click here to see more....



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