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Imagination into Reality

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Have you ever had an idea, but not been quite able to visualise it?

Ever wondered how that beautiful verandah or decking in your mind would actually look attached to your house?  What about different designs or colours?

Wouldn't it be nice to see what your outdoor entertainment area is going to look like before you spend all that money.  It's much easier to make changes on paper than it is once it's built!

Well, now Backyard Bliss can help you visualise your imagination.

Take the following example.  This customer lives in a unit and wanted to make her small outdoor area more "livable" and also incorporate a spa but wasn't sure how.  The concept sketch has shown her one way that this can be achieved with a simple decking.

 Before Sketch   After Sketch

Simply email us a photo of the area where you would like to build, together with an explanation of your vision and your contact number.   We will then call you to ensure that we understand your requirements or suggest ideas that you might not have thought of.



The following pictures illustrate a project in which the customer was provided a very basic sketch and shows the comparison between the before, the sketch and the completed works.  This customer had no doubt as to how their project was going to look before commencement of works.     

Picture 1 -  A photo of the property, prior to commencement of work.

Princeton Before


Picture 2  - Very basic Concept Sketch provided prior to works of the completed project.

Princeton Sketch


Picture 3  - The finished project.


Sketches can vary enormously in complexity and the example shown above shows a fairly basic format.  After we have visited your property, heard your ideas and taken dimensions, you will receive a basic sketch of your project together with your quote.  You can request changes until you have the design exactly as you want.



Make the changes you want or view different designs. 

Example 1 - This customer specified the end at which the stairs were to appear, but wanted to try them in a couple of different places.

 Option 1a    Option 1b

Example 2 - This customer wanted to see the difference of how a hip roof or gable roof would look on their house.  This simply helps them make their decision.

 Option 2a    Option 2b


So whats next?

Call or email us now with your enquiry and we'll take it from there and in the meantime, check out the stories and comparisons below which we are constantly adding to, or enter the Sketch Galleries to start seeing how your imagination can become a reality!



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Click on any of the 3 Stories to see how these jobs developed.


The following pictures show comparisons between the original drawing and the finished work.

CLICK for Story 3
Wallingford Comparison Sketch
Pearcedale 1
Pearcedale 1 Comparison Sktech
Station 1
Station 1 Comparison Sketch
Dingley Comparison Sketch
Lake Comparison Sketch
Arnott St I
Arnott St 1 Comparison Sketch
Craig 1
Craig 1 Comparison Sketch
Whately 2
Whately 2 Comparison Sketch

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