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Handrails & Steps

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Handrails and steps are features of your verandah and deck that serve as practical and decorative.  The styles and choices available are unlimited.  Choose plain or decorative insert timber balustrades,  powdercoated steel, stainless wire or any other type of balustrade that can be produced.  Handrails can be a multitude of sizes and in varying materials.  A common trend amongst our customers is to have a nice wide handrail, so that they can rest a plate on at a BBQ!  Timber steps are ususally either open-tread type or boxed type (see photos below) but once again, imagination is the key.

At Backyard Bliss we will help you design handrails and steps to complement your property and your new deck or verandah.  Enquire now for an obligation free quote.


Alawara Dve 009


The classic straight, neat, timber handrail.

The top cap pictured here is "Ladies Waist" and balustrades be designed with or without decorative inserts (as pictured here).  Paint these any colour you choose, to offset your home or verandah.

Fretwork can also be added to your verandah roof to complement the balustrades.


The steps pictured here are boxed steps and have been designed in merbau to follow the line of the decking. The merbau can be layed either in the same direction or perpendicular to the decking, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Fairburn Rd 004
Belgrave 003

Dont Lose Your View

Stainless wire balustrades are the perfect way to incorporate handrails without losing your view. They are also effective on smaller decks to provide a more "open" feeling.


An alternative to timber balustrades is to have powder coated steel upright rails. These can be produced in any colour to complement the handrail or other features. They are also a good idea if you want your deck to appear enclosed, but not lose too much view or feel "boxed in".

Victoria Rd 1
John Fawkner Dve 13


This construction features an interim deck between the main deck area and the ground. This allows the customer use of the door at the interim deck area, straight into the back yard. The steps featured here are open-tread type.


Install gates to provide safety to enclosed areas.  These can be built from any materials chosen for your balustrades to provide continuity.

Heidelberg 011

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