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Ideas!  Imagination!  Innovations!

If you can think of it - at Backyard Bliss we can build it. You may dream of something comfortable that you can laze around in, or perhaps you want to hide all that "stuff" in the yard into an outdoor storage space.

Maybe you are thinking of "snazzing up" your BBQ area by surrounding it with some practical bench space.

You might even want to install some screens to provide privacy or cut out wind, or perhaps just "pretty up" a garden area.

At Backyard Bliss, our aim is to help you enjoy your outdoor area by taking these ideas and making them a reality.

Here are some ideas .......... let us know yours!



Abbey 8

Entertain in Style

Entertain your friends in a beautiful outdoor area, complete with a BBQ bench and box seats (which also lift up to act as storage).   Screened from inclement weather, you will always be able to enjoy the outdoors.  The only reason you will want to leave home,  is to get the meat and drinks!


Find a beautiful sunny spot in the garden and build a Day Bed to relax in. This bed has deen designed to match a decking and BBQ area and comes complete with a small ledge area for holding your drink or outdoor lunch!

Tottenham 3
Oxford St 2

Privacy & Protection

Add screens to your decking to provide extra privacy and protection from wind and dust. Choose from a "brush" style, lattice, classic timber look or anything else you can think of. Many different designs are available - it is just up to your imagination.


Create screens to enhance your garden and co-ordinate with decking or other features. This screen hides the fence on the property and complements the surrounding decking.

Valentine 11
Tottenham 4

BBQ's & Benches

Ever wished your BBQ had bigger sides for holding plates and cooking utensils? Build your BBQ into an outdoor kitchen area with practical benches and even doors if you choose. In this case, the customer has elected to match the decking (and the Day Bed featured above) to keep a consistent look to their outdoor area.

Pretty It Up

This patio used to be a drab concrete slab with old wrought iron hand railings. A few bits of merbau and a little time has turned this area into a welcoming entrance to the house. The client has also chosen to allow scope for a bit of colour by having a small planter box incorporated into the design.

(Please note that this deck was still weathering and had not been oiled when photographed).

Front 1a
Colombo Rd 004


Here is an example of a great little seat which doubles as a storage area. Kids and dogs toys, gardening tools or anything you can think of can be kept inside with easy access when required.


Depending on the size of your deck, the underneath is great as a storage area, or even a home for your pet.

All you need to do is decide what you want to use it for, as the floor structure of the decking above will need to be designed accordingly if dry storage is required. Anything is possible - just let us know.

Colombo Rd 009
Medway St 5


Too hot to lay in the sun, or raining perhaps? Have your day bed built on your verandah, throw on a few cushions and lay back in any weather conditions. The Lady of the House tells me that this Day Bed also acts as a stage that the kids use for family performances!

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