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A pergola is an open roofed shade area generally built as a lattice type framework and often used to support vines, creepers or other vegetation. A pergola can also be covered in shade cloth to provide added protection from the sun.  The term pergola is often misused when referring to a verandah and confusion can result.  A carefully designed pergola can provide relief from the summer sun, particularly over windows, and still allow sufficient light to filter through in winter.  A pergola can create a wonderful ambience when supporting vines over a secluded courtyard or providing a structure from which to support hanging baskets.  At Backyard Bliss we help you design a pergola that suits your lifestyle, we provide an on the spot quotation and can construct your project very efficiently so that you can obtain maximum enjoyment from it.  Enquire now for an appointment.




Careful placement of shade battens shelters windows from the harsh summer sun, particularly on houses without overhanging eaves. This in turn helps keep your house cooler and reduces air conditioning bills.

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A decorative pergola can enhance a featureless wall and create a beautiful retreat from which to enjoy your garden. Phone now for a free design and quotation.


Although shadecloths cannot block out rain, they are a very popular alternative to a covered verandah.  They filter the harsh rays of the sun and provide a lovely ambience, still allowing light into a home.  Many different types of shadecloth are available.

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